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Services / Consultancy Fees
Scientific Astrology

Rs. 2100/-


Rs. 3700/-

Health Analysis

Rs. 1900/-

Signature Analysis

Rs. 21000/-

Distance Analysis

Rs. 10000/-

Aura Enhancement

Rs. 10000/-

Chakra Healing

Rs. 10000/-

Geopathic Radiation

Rs. 55000/-

Gems and Stones

Rs. 1000/-

Small Home Vastu
(Upto 900 Squares Feet)

Rs. 10000/-

Big Home Vastu
(Upto 9000 Squares Feet)

Rs. 50000/-

Commercial Vastu

Rs. 21000/-

Industrial Vastu

Rs. 100000/-

Vedic and Shanti Karma

Rs. 55000/-

Note: Taxi Fare, Air Fare, Hotel Expenses, Courier Charges & GST will pay by customers.

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